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Spring practices are over. The grass is cut. Summer sessions are in full swing. College Football is right around the corner. Johnny Football, Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney, Braxton Miller and Sammy Watkins. These players are the stars of college football; they are names that the casual fan knows. 

Below is a list of 5 players that will have huge impacts on their teams. 5 players who with a single big game could alter the college football season. I give you the 5 unheralded super stars.

Blake Bortles QB UCF – If every QB that is eligible comes out in the 2014 draft, it will be a stacked class. Bortles is one hell of a QB; and the junior is mobile as well as very efficient completing 63% of his passes for 25 TD’s and only 7 int’s.  Bortles also adds a vaunted running dimension, while Bortles can scamper away from defenders he is much more likely to run through the defender into the endzone as in 2012 he added 9 TD’s on the ground. Bortles is playing  in a wide open American Athletic Conference and UCF comes in as one of the favs in the conference. Bortles has all the tools scouts look for and could work his way into the First round this coming year or in the 2015 draft

Dri Archer RB Kent State – Speed, agility, acceleration and did I mention speed? Archer is lightning in a bottle. Dri Archer just might be the fastest player in the NCAA. Coming in 5 ft. 8 and 175, he is diminutive but his timed 4.26 40 speed is lethal. He could play WR or RB in the NFL but regardless of position the goal is going to be to get the ball into #1’s  hands, Dri Archer makes Kent State a threat every time they are on offense and he will power the Golden Flashes to a successful 2013 season.

Lache Seastrunk RB Baylor– the Baylor RB might be the most complete RB in the class. Seastrunk started out at Oregon but after recruiting violations and other issues, he transferred to Baylor.  Seastrunk impressed in his first season at Baylor rushing for 1000 yards and 7 Td’s, after not starting the first 7 games of the season.  Lache has great speed, vision and has the power to go up the middle.  Baylor has a shot to impress in what could be a wide open Big 12, Lache Seastrunk is pivotal to their success and could be a sleeper for the Heisman.

Allen Robinson WR Penn State –   Coach Bill O’Brien opened up the offense and let the Nittany Lions air it out a bit more. A huge benefactor of this was WR Allen Robinson.  Robinson was QB Matt McGloins favorite target and even though there is some fogginess on who will be the new QB in Happy Valley whoever it is will look to target Allen Robinson.  Robinson comes in at 6-3 211, possessing 4.5 speed and great route running.  Robinson’s presence on the outside opens up underneath for Penn State’s stud TE’s.   Sammy Watkins, Marquis Lee and Amari Cooper are all bigger names but Allen Robinson could very well end up having a comparable season to them. 

LeMarcus Joyner CB/S Florida State –  LeMarcus Joyner is a heat seeking missile, slicing through blockers to make a gigantic hit on a RB or slamming a WR coming through the middle.  In 2012 Florida State had 7 or legitimate NFL draft prospects and none may have been more feared than Joyner. Joyner is more than just a hard hitter, he is playmaker getting interceptions, forcing fumbles and even returning a kick or two. Joyner is a bit undersized but that should not hinder him too much. Joyner may be a more NFL ready version of LSU’s Heisman finalist Tyrann Mathieu.  I think Joyner might be the best S out of the state of Florida since Sean Taylor.

These players may not be known to the casual fan but trust me after the 2013-2014 season they will be, and they will all be playing on Sundays.