Blacker Scouting Report – Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame

Posted: February 22, 2013 in NFL Draft Prospects

Manti Te’o  Scouting Report.


Height: 6 -1

Weight: 248

40 Time: 4.75

Manti Te’o vs Miami 

Manti Te’o vs. Stanford


  • + Plays the Game with Passion
  • + Smart
  • + Can read an offense pre-play
  • + Can follow the flow and attack downhill
  • + Great Leadership
  • +  Solid Tackler
  • + Good Blitzer


  • – Takes bad angles to the ball
  • –  Not elite in coverage against backs and TE
  • -Can get engulfed by lineman
  • –   Worry about his speed
  • –  Mental health?

Summary – Te’o is one of the more polarizing players in the country. What he lacks in raw athletic ability he makes up for in amazing instincts and leadership.  When you watch game film of Te’o you realize he is always around the ball, Te’o had 7 Interceptions this past season and when you see those interceptions a lot of them are Te’o being in the right place at the right time and make an amazing play on the ball. Manti can be exploited in coverage; he got lost in the NC game vs. Alabama and allowed a TD to Michael Williams. He also got totally destroyed by Alabama’s line (as did the rest of the of Notre Dame) which could be a worry because that is the caliber of OL he will be playing the NFL.

Overall – Te’o is a solid LB, he won’t be a stud in the league but he has the ability to play SAM and MIKE in the 43 and play ILB in the 34. I don’t see him being as effective as a 43 WILL.  Te’o obviously has some other issues to workout, the whole cat fishing and fake girlfriend cover up is a red flag. How he explains that in interviews will be interesting to say the least.  I think Te’o is a good LB but is not the elite LB he was built up to be in the collegiate ranks. That being said he should still be  at least a 2nd round pick

Draft Value –   Late 1st to Mid 2nd.

NFL Comparison – Perry Riley LB Washington Redskins

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